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Dear friends,

My name is Sergey Bondarenko and I am an Olympic weightlifting master of sports of international class (Russian top sports rank). Weightlifting is our family craft and legacy, my grandfather and father were both professional weightlifters and from 6 years I followed their path, which led me to Russian National Team, numerous regional records and cups and 200kg Snatch/235kg Clean & Jerk in 105kg+ weight class.

After decades of experience in weightlifting training and competing with best athletes and coaches in the world, I decided that I want to be a coach to deliver this knowledge to aspiring athletes seeking to discover the world of weightlifting.

By now, I have 5+ years of coaching career, more than 30 seminars in Russia and Europe, 10+ weightlifting camps and trainees all over the world, from USA to Australia. My methodology is basing on Russia/Soviet school of weightlifting with scientific approach to workload calculations and the richest arsenal of specific exercises to address any mistake and weakness. Dozens successful amateur and aspiring athletes brought up by me gave me the experience of precise and efficient programming work, which I now utilize to provide remote coaching opportunities.

Sergey Bondarenko

Sergey Bondarenko
200/235kg @105kg+
Weightlifting Coach
Certified Weightlifting Judge
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Weightlifting Seminars & Camps
Seminars at your gym
We are happy to run a weightlifting clinic at your gym. We feature 1-day and 2-days programs, for various level of mastery, including theoretical courses and seminars for coaches.
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Weightlifting Camps
We regularly run 1-week and 2-weeks weightlifting camp in Russia. Enjoy high-profile coaching, daily regimen of professional athletes, Russian cuisine and recovery by the seaside.
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Our Athletes
CrossFit gymnastics coach. One of the top Russian CrossFit athletes, winner of various Russian CrossFit Cups. Candidate for Master of Sports with Weightlifting.
Maria Filippova, Russia
60/80kg @53kg
Talia lifts 120kg+ total in U15 @53kg, regularly scoring podium on USA Youth Nationals. She's being coached by Sergey since 13 and increased her result by over 30kg.
Holder of 15 records of the Maryland/Potomac Valley Region
Member of the 2014 USA 15U Youth National Team
Talia Lloyd, USA
53/64kg @53kg U15
Nikita won regional championship 8 times, Moscow championship 5 times. Won a bronze on Europe U17 in 2014. Holder of Moscow region record.
Nikita Kindinov, Russia
137/175kg @85kg U21

Scott achieved 35kg total result gain over 18 month of working with SB Team. This and his extreme commitment allowed him to win 3rd place on World Masters Championship 2017.
Scott Baxter, USA
125/160kg @105kg
Master of Sports with Weightlifting. 3rd place at Russian Students Cup 2017. 2nd place at Moscow Youth Championship 2017.
Andrey Gerasimov, Russia
150/185kg @105kg+
1st degree sports rank with Weightlifting. Candidate for Master of Sports with Powerlifting. 2nd place European Powerlifting Championship 2016. Competing CrossFit athlete.
Anna Zhuravleva, Russia
43/62kg @48kg U18
Winner of Moscow Region Youth Championship - 2015, 2016, 2017. 2nd place on Moscow Students Cup - 2016, 2017. 4th place on Russian Students Cup - 2015, 2017.
Anton Tishinskiy, Russia
140/190kg @105kg
Regular competitor and winner on club meets. Participated on regional meets in Chekhov and Ryazan.
Anton Kladiev, Russia
115/140kg @105kg
Online Coaching Opportunities
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  • Specific recommendations (including training methods and new exercises)
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Scott Baxter, USA
Weightlifter, Worlds Masters 2017 medalist
Sergey is extremely articulate and takes the time to review videos and give easy to understand suggestions to improve technique
The cost of his coaching services was extremely fair and I received far more value from his coaching than I paid.
Sergey raised my total by 35 kilos in 18 months, and lift weights I never thought possible
Kim Goss, USA
Coach, MS, CSCS, USA
Being have a coach of Sergey Bondarenko's caliber has helped all my athletes in their quest to fulfill their physical potential. He has a "Coach's Eye" such that he can pick up deviations in optimal technique that I miss, and he provides practical advice on how to correct these errors. If you're serious about enabling your athletes to achieve physical superiority, or are looking for advice from an expert on how to correct your training problems, get in touch with Coach Bondarenko now!
Gilani Luck, Germany
Coach, Seminar Host
I am doing strength preparation for Track & Field athletes working with Olympic medals winners. My coaching methods involves use of Olympic lifts. Knowledge that I received on Sergey's seminar allowed me to enrich our team methods and exercises arsenal. I must admit that Sergey showed high level of professionalism and commitment during seminar, making sure that every athlete get enough attention and personal approach to his needs and problems.
Every trainee I take get a fully individual approach with program addressing his personal weaknesses, flaws and adjusted to his way of life, schedule and conditions. With the commitment I give to my athletes, I treat them not as customers, but as members of SB Team, where we all share one goal - pursuit for excellence in weightlifting. I never thought of making a blueprint program with my name on it and selling for money, that is why you can get a blueprint program made by me FOR FREE.

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